As an optometry practice focusing on eyecare and providing the best quality of care to our patients, we continue to uphold our high standards of hygiene and infection control policies and procedures.
With the evolving developments around COVID-19, we have implemented additional health measures to ensure we maintain a safe environment for you and our staff.


  • Additional hygiene precautions have been implemented to prevent the spread of germs, including disinfecting of surfaces, all handled frames and equipment.

    • All visitors are encouraged to use the available hand sanitiser within the clinic.

    • We are avoiding physical contact where possible.

    • During consultations with our patients, we are avoiding close contact and ensuring equipment is disinfected comprehensively for every patient.

    • Our scheduled appointments are flowing such that social distancing measures are always achieved, with less patients in the waiting area, appropriate space utilisation and furniture layout that allows seated patients the government advised distance from another patient. You can help us out here by arriving on time for your appointment to support this safety measure for the benefit of our community.

    • We are vigilant in requesting and proactively engaging with our patients the messaging that if you are not well (with any symptoms of fever, sore throat, a cough or shortness of breath), been in close contact with someone diagnosed or suspected to have coronavirus, to please reschedule your appointment with us. We will continue to do this.

    • We have strict protocols in place should any staff member become unwell to protect our patients and remaining staff.

    We hope that everyone keeps safe and well in this terrible time and we are here to help the best way we can.


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