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Our small, caring and intimate team will ensure that your visit to us is professional, fun and memorable.

Clinical excellence

Deanne Bradford, the optometrist is passionate about eye health and combines her exceptional clinical skills with state of the art technology to ensure a comprehensive assessment of your vision and eye health

Superior service

Our small, caring and intimate team will ensure that your visit with us is professional, fun and memorable.

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Help with choosing a frame

We know that it can be daunting choosing a frame. Our team will find the perfect frame that suits you, your colouring, face shape, vision and lifestyle requirements.


Tailor made solutions

We listen to your work, lifestyle and hobby requirements and choose the best frame and lens combination to solve your problems.

Specialty eyewear

Eyewear designed for sport, low vision, safety and hobby needs.

Experts with multifocals

With the new 4D multifocal lens from France and a state of the art measuring device, we are proud of our high success rate.

From our optometry blog

The Ideal Pair of Sunglasses

1) 100 % protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Some lens materials absorb more UV than others. High index materials, used in high prescriptions to reduce edge thickness, absorb 100% UVA and UVB Standard plastic lenses require an added UV coating to ensure...

The Common Pterygium

Red flag for skin melanoma A Western Australian study has just revealed that if you have a pterygium you have a 24% more likely chance of developing melanoma of the skin. A pterygum is a fleshy growth that encroaches onto the cornea and is a result of sun damage and...

How we keep a focus on your eye health and vision

We always recommend regular eye examinations. This allows us to keep a focus on the health of your eyes and your vision. But our comprehensive eye examinations are not just about your eyes. We will ask questions relating to your general health, family history and past...