Each week we get asked about multifocals. Some are first time wearers and others have had bad prior experiences from other optical stores.

Multifocals offer vision at all distances. the lens is blended so there is no unsightly line. They help solve the problem of having to take  spectacles on and off all the time.

With our new state of the art 4D visioffice measuring device we can take accurate measurements and have a multifocal lens designed for your particular prescription, the way your frame sits on your face and your eye and head movements.

After Deanne has determined the best optical solution for you Mark and Louise will ensure the best frame and lens selection that best suites your work and lifestyle requirements.

Frame selection will depend on your colouring, personality and personal style.

We have spent many hours sourcing reliable suppliers from Australia, America and  Europe to back our drive for superior quality and service.